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Frequently asked questions

What is your pricing?

Unlike some of our competitor's, we charge you for only the space used to haul your items. The pricing is based on the amount of space you use in our 400 cubic foot truck, in 1/8 increments. Click here to go to our PRICING page for more details on pricing.


Do you provide a written estimate?

Yes, we will provide you an upfront FREE "No Hidden Fees" estimate before any work begins which will include all costs for loading, labor, transportation fees, dumping and cleanup. We will NEVER charge you more than the upfront written estimate we provide to you before the job begins, GUARANTEED!


Will you match a competitor's bid?

Better than that! We will BEAT any competitor's written estimate!


What areas in Michigan do you provide service to?

We provide service to any cities in the Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties.


Do you provide service to both residential and commercial customers?

Absolutely! We will remove your junk from your home and your business!


What can you haul?

Anything as long as two guys can lift it and it's not hazardous, we can haul it! This can include things like trash, storm debris, yard waste, construction materials, appliances, furniture, household junk, electronics and much more!


Are there any additional fees for any items?

Appliances with Freon, such as refrigerators or air conditioning units, have a $25 environmental fee to remove the Freon. Tires are $10 each to remove.


Where can you remove my junk from?

Anyplace! This could include anywhere in your home or business such as basement, attic, garage, crawl space, front yard, back yard, curb, storage building, factory, warehouse, etc.


What are your hours of operation?

We operate from 8AM - 8PM seven days a week.


Do you provide same day service?

Yes, same day service is available. Weekend service too!


What types of payments do you accept?

We accept both cash and checks.


Do you recycle?

Yes, we recycle most eligible items.


Do you donate items?

Yes, usable items worthy of donation are given to local charities. We will even mail you the tax write off form from any donations for your tax preparation the following year.


What do you do with the remaining items which are not recycled or donated?

The remaining items are taken to designated city landfills. Unlike some of our competitor's which engage in illegal or irresponsible dumping, we dispose of your junk legally and responsibly.


Are you bonded or insured?

Yes, we are both bonded and fully insured.

Count on us for reliable commercial junk removal and residential junk removal services.